Bed Bugs Do Bite –Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs

How do you know you have bed bugs? Well if you wake up every morning with clusters of little bites it might be a good idea to check out your mattresses and the small crevices around your bed. These small flat, oval flat insects come out and feed at night when you are asleep, and you are the main source of food. In fact, they will wait up to a year just to have some blood. These little critters are hard to find so you might check behind pictures, under carpets, behind electrical plates, they will hide in the smallest of crevices. There is only one thing to do with bedbugs and that is to get rid of them.

The bed bug is one of the most frustrating insects for humans and probably one of the most feared. They feed exclusively on human blood, and will travel great lengths or wait long periods of time just to feed. They are attracted to human body heat and live close to where you sleep. Bed bugs are from the true bug family called Germicidal and can live for several years with the proper environment. They multiple quickly so once detected it is important to get rid of them immediately. The eggs are hidden in different places and hatch around ten days so if you find a large infestation it would be a good idea to call in professionals.

Signs That You Have Been Bitten By Bed Bugs
Bed bugs are nocturnal so you will probably not notice them until you have had several rash like occurrences. At first it may appear as a mosquito or spider bite but if they continue and have some sort of pattern to them chances are they are the germicidal. The bed bugs have a beak that breaks the skin then they will suck probably three or four times the bugs weight in blood. In their saliva they have a numbing liquid which is why most people will not know that they are being bitten. They also have an anti-coagulant formula so that you will not clot while feeding. It takes an adult ten to fifteen minutes for a full meal. Babies will eat three to five minutes.

Fighting The Bed Bug
The good news about bed bugs is that they are not known for carrying diseases, and about the only harm is if you have an allergic reaction somewhat like a bee sting. Although they can live in just about any temperature, they cannot survive in temperatures more than one hundred degrees. So if you find that you have bed bugs the best thing to do is to wash all bed linen in extremely hot water then dry in the dryer. It may be necessary to clean out all mattresses and pillows then encase them in a bed bug mattress cover along with pillow covers. These covers must be completely sealed so that bugs cannot enter or escape.

Using Insecticides And Sprays
Bed bugs can lie dormant for long periods of time without food, so it is important that every nook and cranny is cleared of these bugs. The best way to do this is to spray an insecticide into the tiny crevices where they might hide. Although it is probably best to call in professionals to do this there are some products available such Diatomaceous Earth and Steri Fab spray. The spray does not leave a residual and is odorless which may be harmful to pets and people, but it will need to sprayed directly into the different areas where the bed bugs might hide.

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