Keeping Stray Dogs Out Of Your Yard

Stray dogs are becoming a bigger problem every day. The Humane Society of the United States says that there are about seventy-five million dogs owned in America. Also in the last ten years more people have been dumping their animals in areas that are away from their residences hoping that someone else will care for them. This is not always malicious but in some cases it has become a choice between feeding themselves and feeding their pet. Another reason for increases in strays is that owners are not paying attention to their dog, and it is allowed to wander the streets and fend for its survival. Whatever the reason the rise in stray animals is causing homeowners to defend their property.

Most stray dogs will wander into your yard because they are looking for food. This is especially the case if the stray does not have an owner. If a canine can smell or see food it will search it out and get into it. This mostly happens around trash cans and garbage bins where leftover or rotten food is discarded. Have you ever walked out to your trash can and it has been tipped over with the contents lying all over? Unless you live in an urban setting, chances are it is from a stray dog. Not only will strays get into trash, they may tear up your gardens and flower beds.

Using A Spray Repellant On Stray Dogs
There are several repellants on the market that will deter dogs from entering your property such as Boundary Indoor/Outdoor Dog Repellant, Spray Shield, and Ropel Spray. These are pretty common repellants that will not harm the dog itself, but will have him moving on. The one thing about stray dogs is that you do not know if the dog is friendly or not, and you do not want to put yourself in a position where a stray dog will attack you. This can be extremely dangerous especially around small children. If you have a stray dog problem it is recommended that you have Dog Mace Spray or Pepper Spray available in case of a close encounter. These sprays can also be used around your garden.

Electronic Devices That Repel Stray Animals
There are a few options that can be used in deterring stray dogs from coming in your yard. An Ultrasonic Motion Sensing Animal Repellent will definitely keep animals out of the yard. This device has a motion sensor that when set off turns on an extremely loud piezo siren for a short period. It is so powerful that the dog will turn and run away, but if he returns he will get another blast. There is no damage to the dogs hearing and people cannot detect the noise. The Scarecrow Sprinkler is another great deterrent that does not harm animals. When it detects a dog or any animal within its area it will blast the moving target with water. This is a very effective repellent.

Some Common Home Repellents
There are some things that can be done that do not require purchasing a product and may be tried if having stray dogs in your yard is not a major hindrance just an occasional annoyance. One thing to do is to remove any sources of food that would cause a wandering dog to come into your yard. Also close any entrances that may lead into your yard especially under porches or decks. Put a fence around your yard that is high enough that dogs cannot jump over it. You can also create a spray of cayenne and black pepper that can be sprinkled around the perimeter.

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